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Now that the Internet rules, organizations have learned that if they put enterprise data on an intranet server, all the users need is a browser.

From our perspective, it's just the next swing of the pendulum. We recall that when mainframes ruled, organizations learned that all the users need is a terminal.

There are lots of reasons to make the switch to HTML.  But remember that this has been seen and done before.

The centralized approach ran into trouble for a number of reasons, but first among them was the scarcity of  the COBOL (or CICS, or data base) talent that was required for program maintenance and system development.

Personal computers provided users with a path around the bottleneck in the IT department, and eventually forced organizations to decentralize their computing resources. But then they learned that control of the data, unlike the computers they are on, is much harder to decentralize. The web, and HTML servers, were a solution.

Right on schedule, the problem with HTML-based servers again became the scarcity of the talent - the scripting and coding skills needed to make complicated forms and pages.

That got better, and decentralization blossoms even now - which sets up the next turn of the wheel.

In the past, organizations turned to centralization to fix security problems. Some will try that again today.

Our big problem now is internet security. Security is an inevitable issue that is inevitably never baked in soon enough, as we see from the previous turns of the wheel that involved the mainframe. Security today is made more complicated than ever by the growth of the internet.

The internet genie has grown too big and spread out to go back into the centralization bottle. New methods for authentication and security will be built for a decentralized computing environment. Even money itself will become different.

What was old is new again.  Well, whatever: if your organization has is committed to rediscovering fire, remember that we've sparked the process lots of times while making sure that no one got burned.

We can help you evaluate the realities and define realistic payoffs.

We can guide you in the use of common HTML tools and converters that will achieve a lot of the work.

We can help you automate the webification of your files, screens and documents to achieve the greatest usefulness, accuracy, and uniformity.

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