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A full-featured macro editor for the PC which is functionally compatible with the @ED processor of Unisys 1100/2200 systems.

Most @ED commands and macros execute with no alteration.

Tested under Windows (all versions up to XP), DOS, NetWare, Concurrent DOS, and all versions of OS/2 from 2.1 and beyond.

Includes on-line context-sensitive help and a starter library of macros.

@ED-PC helps you bring your mainframe-based level of productivity to the PC platform without the biggest part of the learning curve (i.e., a new editor).

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Users tell us about @ED-PC ..

"As instructed, I unzipped it and simply fell into it. no learning curve at all!"

"I can now fully flex my muscle on a PC."

"I have been working on UNISYS mainframes and using "THE EDITOR" for 25 years. Since the advent of PC's, I have been searching for a pc based editor that has the power and versitility of @ED. I expected to find a pc based product that had some of the functionality of @ed. I never expected to find a clone."

"Thank you *so* much for the copy of @ed. It has realy made my day, maybe even my year."

"Other PC editors have their place, but none that I know of(and how I have searched) come near to the column-limiting, searching and macro abilitys of @ed. To think of the time I have spent, ftp'ing data from pc to mainframe, just to exploit the exceptional abilities of mainframe-@ed."

"I use it almost every day. It's just like working on the mainframe. I have to make a conscious effort not to do a @fin when finished."

"I had a few minutes this morning so I transferred one of my favourite ED macros to the PC and gave it a try. It worked like a champ! So far the only disappointment was the lack of support for long filenames. Everything else has been marvellous!!! It's a really impressive piece of work!"


Description Delivered via SKU # Single License Price Buy Online
@ed-pc 2r1 directed download or email sku-51 $64.99
@ed-pc 2r1 CD ground delivery service sku-52 $69.99

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A qualification version of @ED-PC that supports Long File Names is currently being beta tested. Contact us for more information!

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