@EDPC History

@EDPC extends and honors the good work of the technicians and programmers who made contributions to @ED.

The "ED processor" was first developed in the 1960s by technicians working on the Univac 1100 series by Sperry Rand Company.

In the 1960s, Tom McCarthy enhanced the early @ED to use the TREAD$ interface, and added edit session recovery support and the LOOP command.  See his comments here.

In the early 1970's Dr. Roger M. Firestone continued enhancing @ED, and developed the @ED macro language.  See his comments here.

(Thanks to Joaquin Herrero Pintado for his work in gathering the information of the preceding two paragraphs.)

In the last years of the 1980's, the Sperry/Unisys Distributed Communications Processors included a version of @ED developed specifically for the DCP.

@EDPC was developed between March 1992 and February 1996 and is currently in general release at version 2R1. 

A qualification version of @EDPC that supports Long File Names is currently being beta tested.

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