@EDPC Top Ten

The Top Ten Improvements in @EDPC

10.  Edit the last line immediately after issuing the LAST command

9.   @@LINES.   use @@LINES 50 to see a lot of text at once

8.   READ command - protect against accidentally saving a file after making changes you decided not to commit

7.   CUT, COPY and PASTE commands to operate on blocks of text

6.   Access and change environment variables with the EN function and DOS SET command

5.   Parse macro arguments with the MP, SF, AL, FC, PC, SC functions

4.   Cut and paste right on the screen

3.   Edit files up to 1.99GB with text lines up to 10K long

2.   Context sensitive hypertext help engine with full index covering over 250 topics, available on F1 key

1.   Recall your last 50 inputs from the command history

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