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In our twenty-plus years MGT has contributed to the success of many projects and acquired many specialties.  Here are a few samples and examples of our work.

Some of our sites

And of course, we design and maintain our own web site, which you are visiting right now.

Example Programs

  • AssemblerProc NotInRange, a Microsoft Macro-Assembler subprogram which implements a function for validating byte data.
  • COBOLprogram BMCALL, a subroutine which is a functional replacement for a subroutine by the same name in IBM's Database Bill of Materials Program (abbr. DBOMP). It was developed as part of a conversion from DBOMP to Unisys DMS-1100 and uses that vendor's ASCII COBOL.
  • Perlexcerpts from two versions of a custom photo-gallery display program.
  • VBAGetVersion, a function from a Microsoft Access application that compares versions of different .mdb's as part of an automatic updater.
  • VBAInsertHourBox, a subprogram to insert data fields into a Microsoft Word document.

We regret that confidentiality and security considerations prevent showing all programs in their entirety.

Online Demos

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