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This example Microsoft Macro-Assembler v.5.1 program implements a function for validating byte data.  The function can be declared within and called from a Microsoft 16-bit BASIC program.

; NotInRange -- for quick validation of stuff like ALPHA, ALPHANUMERIC, etc.
NotInRange     PROC
; Proc NotInRange USES DS ES DI SI, OffsetWW:Word Target3:Word Search3:Word   ; masm 6
; DECLARE FUNCTION NotInRange% (offset%, WhatToSearch$, LowEnd%, HiEnd%) ' DECLARATION
; IF NotInRange%(1%, UCASE$(A$), 65, 90) < 2 THEN EXIT FUNCTION          ' EXAMPLE test for ALPHA
; Returns 0 if each byte in WhatToSearch$ is "within range", otherwise
; Returns the position of the first byte with an "out-of-range" value
Offset4   EQU  <[BP+12]>    ; NotInRange parm1  - the place to start search
Target4   EQU  <[BP+10]>    ; NotInRange parm2  - the string to search
LowEnd4   EQU  <[BP+8]>     ; NotInRange parm3  - the low end of the set of char values to accept
HiEnd4    EQU  <[BP+6]>     ; NotInRange parm4  - the high end of the set of char values to accept
     push bp                  ; entry sequence - saved old BP
     mov  bp,sp               ; set stack framepointer
     push ds                  ; save ds and friends
     push es
     push si
     mov  si,Offset4          ; put address of parameter in si
     mov  bx,[si]             ; offset value to bx
     dec  bx
     cmp  bx,0                ; is the user's offset bogus?
     jge  L003                ; if not bogus, avoid the following debacle
     jmp  B$ERR_FC            ; trust to BASIC's error handler
     mov  si,LowEnd4          ; put address of parm 3 in si
     mov  dl,[si]             ; offset value to dl
     mov  si,HiEnd4           ; put address of parm 4 in si
     mov  dh,[si]             ; offset value to dh
     mov  si,Target4          ; put string descriptor address in si
     mov  cx,[si]             ; put LEN(WorkArg$) in cx.
     mov  si,[si+2]           ; get string offset in si
     cmp  bx,cx               ; are we at end of string
     jae  OutsideRange        ; if so, jump
     mov  al,ds:[si+bx]       ; load the character
     cmp  al,dl
     jb   OutsideRange
     cmp  al,dh
     ja   OutsideRange
     inc  bx
     jmp  TestForWithinRange
     inc  bx                  ; adjust
     mov  ax,bx               ; returned offset goes into ax
     pop  si                  ; restore si
     pop  es                  ; restore es
     pop  ds                  ; restore ds
     pop  bp                  ; restore bp
     ret  8                   ; go back (skip 4 words on stack)
NotInRange        ENDP

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