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Computer planning isn't that hard, but the discipline is new enough that many practitioners don't have the fundamentals yet.

Well, we do.  Here are some simple fundamentals of computer planning.

No matter what else may apply, never allow your computer plan to advance independently of your business plan.

No matter what else you hear, always make your application software decisions before you make your operating system and hardware decisions.

The following has applications not limited to computer planning.

No matter what has gone before, remember that if something is too hard, you're not doing it right.

Got a decision to make regarding technology, software, and hardware?  In general, this is the correct order for making such decisions:

  1. Choose the solution that suits the situation.
    We can evaluate your business plan and find where technology can be applied to suit your business (instead of the other way around).
  2. Choose the software that fits the solution.
    We can recommend software that can help your business.  Or, if appropriate, develop or maintain custom software for your specific requirements.
  3. Choose the hardware that supports the software.
    This is the last step for a reason!  Hardware brings its own set of requirements.  Satisfying the requirements of your hardware purchase can become the tail that wags the dog.  To fully justify hardware, and its associated expenses, it must measure up within the context of your business plan and your software requirements.

Each situation is unique; but our years of experience qualify us to help you make the right plan for your situation, and the right decisions at each step.

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