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The language that animates the Internet

Atwood's Law:
Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

A part of nearly every web page and the main plank in the mobile app platform, JavaScript was developed in the mid-1990's at Netscape by Brendan Eich.

Its original name was "Mocha", perhaps to evoke some sense of similarity to Sun Microsystem's Java.

But the two languages are not similar, a fact that Netscape marketing ignored when they settled on calling this language JavaScript.  This has caused a great deal of confusion in the market and among non-technical management.

JavaScript is truly an object-oriented language, but its implementation of objects is unusual, particularly in the way inheritance works.  JavaScript provides an in-memory prototype object - actually a whole linked list of prototype objects - to enable an arbitrary object to inherit from many other objects.

Netscape would have done better to keep the interim name "LiveScript" which adorned the language after Mocha but before JavaScript. For this language, more than any other, is the one that animates the internet by powering mobile applications and bringing web pages to interactive life.

As if this language didn't have enough names, it is sometimes called EMCAScript, because it is the EMCA standard language for Internet browser-based web page programming and animation.  This means that all browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and others - either support JavaScript or are supposed to.

Its power and universality mean that proficiency in JavaScript is tantamount to mastery of the Internet.

JavaScript is .. interesting in that its way of creating closures is syntactically similar to a common programming error of omission, which makes unintended closures a common cause of JavaScript memory leaks.

MGT Computer Solutions is adept in JavaScript. Our version of Loyd's 15-Game is a whimsical example of our skills and JavaScript's power. A simpler and more common use of Javascript is featured in our CSS and Javascript Slideshow demo.

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