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This DOS-like database environment has been around since the Tandy PC; it predates the IBM PC and, of course, Windows.

But don't be deceived by its humble-looking text interface; FilePro allows the construction, in record time, of surprisingly powerful and user-friendly database applications!  Its cross-platform implementation, one of the most thorough in the computer industry, allows FilePro applications to move between most flavors of the UNIX system, Linux, Windows and DOS with few or no changes.

Newer versions of FilePro are capable of emitting HTML for web page generation, and interfacing to FilePro through CGI is a powerful technique for supporting dynamic database queries originating from the Internet. New development in the FilePro product line continues, with products supporting XML now being readied for general release.

MGT Computer Solutions supports applications written in FilePro, and for clients already committed to FilePro, develops new applications (in and outside of FilePro) that dovetail with their existing ones.

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